Best Forehead Thermometer For Babies

Forehead thermometers are popular in everyday households as they are comfortable and very easy to use. They can be used by parents, nurses, doctors, and athletes. So, what are the perks of using these forehead thermometers? Using forehead thermometer is generally a simple process. One can simply place the temperature gauge against the forehead, press […]


Best Basal Thermometer

A basal thermometer is a sensitive device designed for reading the small changes in temperature that occur over the course of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Basal thermometer comes in both mercury based glass thermometer as well as digital. Digital thermometer is better option as it reads the temperature more rapidly than mercury thermometers, often within […]

MIU France Stainless Steel Commercial Oven Thermometer

Best Oven Thermometers

Most oven’s temperature are not accurate and can be off sometimes by more than 50°F. This may not seem big a deal to some, but when its come to baking accuracy is the most important to get the right taste. Also if the foods are under cooked because of false oven temperature it may cause […]

Fluke 62 MAX Plus Infrared Thermometer

Fluke 62 MAX Plus Infrared Thermometer Review

Are you looking for the best infrared thermometer in the market? Look no further than Fluke 62 Max Plus. The thermometer is one of the advanced infrared thermometers in the market. Several features make it stand out than any other. Here are some of them. User friendly Fluke 62 Max is a user-friendly infrared thermometer. […]


Braun Forehead Thermometer Review

Thermometers play a critical role in clinical diagnosis. However, not all thermometers are similar in design and operation. Clinical thermometers vary in shapes, models, and designs. One such device is forehead thermometer recently launched by Braun, a German based and worldwide leading manufacturer of clinical body temperature monitoring devices. Primarily, it is one of the […]

Feverwatch infrared thermometer

FeverWatch Professional Clinical Infrared Thermometer Review

If you are among those parents who need to fight with your kid to take temperature or you are reluctant to take your kids temperature because they get so upset. Then FeverWatch Professional Clinical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is just for you. Non-Contact Thermometers are designed to make parents lives much easier. FeverWatch Professional Clinical Infrared […]


Best Non Contact Laser Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers are very popular and are used across wide range of industries including food safety, electrical and industrial, automotive, fire and insurance inspections and quality control. Infrared thermometers are very easy to use and are useful for measuring temperature where thermocouples or other probe type sensors cannot be used. For instance to measure temperature […]

ear thermometer_

Ear Thermometers – Recommendations and Uses

Body temperature is an indication to express the health condition. Accurate measurement of body temperature has become an fundamental diagnostic method for medical treatment. There are two traditional methods to measure the body temperature. The first type is the glass mercury thermometer which is inexpensive and fairly easy to use. However, the disadvantage of mercury […]

Ear Thermometer Reviews: Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer

According to a many studies conducted amongst pediatricians and general practitioners, Braun Thermoscan IRT 4520 – Ear Thermometer is the best known and most recommended thermometer brand by health professionals. This ear thermometer is very popular and easy to use for taking readings on small kids. The Braun ThermoScan(R) IRT 4520 is the only infrared […]

Forehead Thermometer Review: Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer MODEL# TAT-2000C

If you are looking for a forehead thermometer for your baby then Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer – Model number TAT-2000C should be your first choice. Many kids found it unpleasant and get upset when taking their temperature. For such kids and those who have small ear canals coupled with frequent ear infections the Exergen Temporal […]