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A lumbar support pillow can be used to take a good care of your back. This is the basic model of support pillow that provides a total support for your back. People, who suffer from back pain due to strained muscles or due to an after-surgery effect, find these pillows of great use. This is because; such conditions require a lot of lying down or sitting and this strain the lumbar region more than anything. Using a lumbar support pillow at these times provides a great relief to such people.

Different Types of Lumbar Support Pillow

Though the lumbar support pillow serves the same purpose of supporting your lower back, the purpose for which it has been used and the different ways in which it has been used has it categorized.
Lumbar support pillow with insert and strap: such a pillow with strap is an ideal support for a lower back pain. It has an orthopedic design, which helps in relieving tension and to support and align your spine in position. This can be used for travel purposes and at home or office.
Therapy cushion lumbar support pillow: This is a pillow that has the dual purpose of therapy + ortho and offers a therapeutic support for your lower back. This has memory foam, which is thermo-sensitive and comfortably fits the natural shape of your back.
Adjustable lumbar pillow: This type of lumbar support pillow with vibration massage, which integrates with an on/off button. Here, the height can be adjusted according to your convenience.

How does the lumbar support pillow actually work?
If you observe the human back, it is in the shape of a ‘s’ and this shape helps us to change our positions while we stand straight. When you sit for a long time, the upper back muscles tend to hang, which forces the muscles at the sides to rest on the waist. This in turn results in a back pain or back stiffness especially, in the lower portion of your back.

What a lumbar support pillow actually does is, to spread out the muscle weight over the spinal area. This in turn facilitates an efficient and natural body posture. The lumbar support pillow works deeper than you assume and provides a relaxation or reduces the strain on your lower back. In fact, the pillow restores your original position of the backbone.
When you start using a lumbar pillow whenever you have to sit for long, you will never find yourself with a back trouble.

Features and Tips to choose the right kind of lumbar pillow
Check the quality of memory foam, which provides the primary support, is heat sensitive. This feature allows it to fit to the natural shape of your body to provide a total support to your back.
Be sure that the straps of the pillow comfortably fit the seats and chairs that you normally use, as the sizes of chairs do vary. There are lumbar pillows that are offered with covers that are made of synthetic, rayon, or polyester fabrics and make sure to buy those so that you can frequently wash them. Next is the size of the lumbar support pillow you pick. The size of the pillow must be large enough to support your entire back portion.

Back Support: Lumbar Pillows are Essential

If you frequently come home from work complaining of back aches, it may be no surprise to you that your job could literally be destroying the health of your back. Whether you sit or stand for most of the day, your back takes a beating. Unfortunately, few jobs offer employees any help obtaining back support, lumbar support, or even any information on the subject.

Don’t neglect your back. Spinal support, lumbar support, and even neck support are crucial to your health. Most people do not realize how much damage their back has to endure in a typical day. Even desk jobs that require very little physical activity still put plenty of strain on your back.

Why does sitting create such a need for lower back support? Lumbar discs in your spine have eleven times more pressure on them when you are sitting than when you lie down or stand. Furthermore, most desk chairs offer little or no lower back support. Lumbar pillows can help solve this problem, luckily.

While there are many products on the market to help people get adequate back support, lumbar pillows are one of the most versatile options. While the majority of orthopedic pillows offer the entire back comfort and support, lumbar pillows directly target the lower back. Additionally, typical orthopedic pillows tend to be much larger than lumbar pillows and may be awkward to carry to work.

Unfortunately lumbar pillows may not be an option for someone who stands at work all day. Even if you are not required to do any heavy lifting, you may consider investing in a back support lumbar brace. Some experts believe that stress can be a primary cause of back strain and aches even if there has been no injury.

Even if your job is the primary source of your back aches, you should not neglect back support at home. When sitting for long periods of time, even if you are on the couch in the comfort of your home, it is important to have adequate back support. Lumbar pillows come in small sizes so you can take them home from the office.

If long hours stuck behind a computer at work make you need back support, lumbar pillows are a must. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they hit just the right spot- your lower back. It shouldn’t be hard to get lower back support at work or home, lumbar pillows make it easy!

Lumbar Pillows For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the great miracles of life. There are many wonderful things about this time in a woman’s life and plenty of not so wonderful things as well. Many pregnant women find they wind up spending the better part of those special nine months aching more often than not. But, it does not have to be that way thanks to lumbar pillows.

Back pain is a very common complaint during pregnancy. Since women are bound to gain weight while pregnant, their center of gravity shifts. This forces them to use muscles in a different way than they are accustomed to. Lumbar pillows help to support the lower back and release the extra strain cast onto muscles in other parts of the back.

It is recommended that pregnant women not sit for more than thirty minutes straight at a time. If they are experiencing back pain, that time is reduced to ten to fifteen minutes. Since for many working moms-to-be, it is not possible to avoid sitting for several hours every day, lumbar pillows can be a great investment.

Many people in general do not maintain good posture while sitting. But pregnant women often find that it is hard to be comfortable at all while seated, much less maintain good posture. Lumbar pillows are one of the easiest ways to remedy this. One little pillow can truly make a world of difference.

Once women enter the second trimester of pregnancy, they should not sleep on their back. In this position, the weight of the uterus presses down on a major vein that returns blood to the heart from the lower extremities. This can cause serious problems to the baby. It also puts pregnant women at a disadvantage since laying flat on your back is usually recommended to help with back pain.

The best bet is to prevent back pain before it gets out of control. In addition to using lumbar pillows while sitting, pregnant women can also place a lumbar pillow between her legs as she sleeps. This helps reduce lower back pain and discomfort in the pelvis area.

Although pregnancy-induced back pain usually goes away after childbirth, lumbar pillows do not lose their usefulness. Thanks to their small and often contoured shape, lumbar pillows can also be good nursing pillows.

Don’t be afraid to give your pregnant friends and family members lumbar pillows at their baby showers. They will really thank you for it later.

Lumbar Pillows For Everyone

Lumbar pillows are used on your back to give your lumbar the proper support so that you maintain a good sitting position. When constantly used, you can alleviate that lumbar pain which is experienced by many who are required to sit for a long time; examples are office workers and drivers.

If you think you’ve become one of the ‘victims’ of improper sitting posture, it is time you get your very own lumbar pillow to get rid of the back pain.

Depending on the car models, some driver seats actually come with the facility of a lumbar support which you can adjust to fit you back. However, many drivers experience problem in adjusting to the ‘right’ position to properly support the lumbar. In addition, not all models come with such lumbar support facility.

Lumbar pillows which are light in weight provide the advantage to users to bring them anywhere they go. Not only can you use your portable lumbar pillow in the car, you can bring it to your office as well as to your home.

They are are especially designed to support your back bone and to correct your sitting posture, so since you know you are spending most of your time sitting, why not invest in one?

When speaking about high quality, not only does your pillow have to be durable, but they also have to be easily cleaned and bacterial free so that you can minimize the risk of getting rashes on your skin. There are indeed many different types of them available in the market, so to find one that fit your needs should not be of any problem.

Lumbar pillows, as far as your health is concern, are necessary items for everyone. Human spines are naturally curved and most chairs are manufactured with straight supports, so having one lumbar pillow to fill the gap between your spine and the back of the chair is just a perfect choice for your backbone.

Back Pillows Can Provide The Relief You Need

Many people have found that using back pillows can provide the relief they need from everyday pain and strain. If you find that you are suffering from back pain, it is important to make sure that you are giving your back the support it needs.

Many people are proactive when they are performing heavy duty work like moving furniture; they opt for a back support belt. However, you also need to support your back when you are sitting as just sitting in the wrong position for an extended period of time can cause you to have back pain.

Take Back Pillows to Work

Many people get ready for work the night before so as to be organized in the morning and not forget important items. When you are gathering your things for work be sure and set out your back pillows also.

In fact, it would be wise to get a special back pillow that is for work only so you can leave it there instead of transporting it back and forth. In fact, it would be even more convenient to get the kind of work support pillow that comes with straps that will easily attach to your work chair.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a job where they sit down, of course. However, for millions of people who do spend their workdays sitting, many of them go home each night sore from sitting all day. Often, this translates into lower back pain, and can be difficult to deal with.

That is why it is a good idea to have a back support pillow in your chair at work so that you aren’t putting unnecessary strain on your back. In addition, many of us forget our posture altogether and tend to sit in ways that leads to poor posture.

By having a supportive pillow against your back, you can prevent many of the strains and pains that are associated with sitting all day.

Lumbar Support Pillow Benefits Are Many And Effective

Lumbar pillow benefits are the main reason why people opt for these products. It may be a simple item, but it sure does provide a number of impressive and strong results. In essence, this type of pillow can help to provide proper support to a persons lower back as they sit at their desk or even in their car. These pillows help ensure that your body remains in suitable posture and so help to prevent and even provide relief from lumbar pain.

Before using your lumbar pillow, it will pay to understand what causes lumbar pain and why do some people suffer from pain in their backs and how using such a pillow can prove to be useful. Our backs are engineered to perfection and consist of an assembly of bones and muscles as well as nerves and soft tissue that mesh well with each other and provide suitable support when one is in an upright position.

However, when we start to engage in an activity or if we sit for lengthy periods of time, it places strain on the torso. And, because of the fact that most chairs are not designed to provide adequate support to the lower back, the risk of experiencing back and lumbar pain increases when we sit in such chairs for extended periods of time.

If you also live a sedentary lifestyle, then again the risk increases and so it becomes necessary, under such circumstances, for you to provide suitable support to your lumbar region which a special pillow can do adequately well.

The lumbar pillow is specialized and provides orthopedic benefits in that it has been designed to provide the kind of support that is needed to prevent and provide relief from lower back and lumbar pain. It basically helps to relieve some of the pressure on the lumbar region and so helps to make things more comfortable for you.

These pillows are available in various shapes as well as in different fillings. A basic such pillow is nothing other than a basic rectangular pillow that measures one foot by five inches and which is about 2 inches in thickness. Such a sized pillow is ideally suited for providing support to your lumbar region in the sitting position.

Other options include pillows that have handles or which come with some attachments at both ends and this make it easier to properly position your pillow. The cover of these pillows is generally made from polyester or cotton or even a combination of the two. In most cases, these covers can be removed and are washable and this helps you to keep your sweaty pillow covers clean and dry.

You can also buy the lumbar pillow that is cylindrical in shape and which is available as full roll and even half roll pillow. The half roll pillows are used in special ways that help to provide better support to you lumbar.

It pays to keep in mind that pain in the back can often be a symptom of some serious condition and so it helps to get some professional advice before using any means, including pillows, to get relief. However, there no doubts the fact that with a lumbar pillow you will get a safe as well as low cost solution to help you support the back in the best manner possible.


Lumbar Support Pillow- Advantages of Use

A Lumbar Support Pillow has many advantages for you by using it daily.

If you are experiencing pain at your lower back, you cannot afford to ignore it and hope that it would go away naturally. The pain can be excruciating if left untreated for too long and you may one day, find it painful to even walk.

No, you don’t want that to happen and nobody wants the pain to start in the first place. So, what is the best way is to give that good support to your lumbar while you are sitting? There are in fact a few ways to give your back a support, but personally I would prefer a lumbar support pillow.

A lumbar support pillow gives a lot more benefits to users if you were to compare it with the other choices available. Since it can support any spinal shape, a lumbar support pillow can maximize support and minimize your back aches.

Most of these lumbar support pillows which you can purchase from any departmental stores are small in size and light in weight. Being portable, the places that you can use it go beyond your home and office.
It is especially useful when traveling long distance in coaches or cars. Since bring it anywhere isn’t a problem, you can give your back the appropriate support every time you sit.

A lumbar support pillow can come in different designs and sizes, and most of these pillows are not tagged with unaffordable prices. After all, if you were to compare the back pain you might have to suffer from improper sitting posture to the price you have to pay for a lumbar support pillow, it is nothing but peanuts.

Another great advantage of these lumbar support pillows is that they are small and light, making it very easy for you to carry around. This advantage enables you to use your very own personal pillow wherever you go; you can use it in office, at home, in the car or even in airplane. Since the size isn’t bulky, you can simply pack it in your luggage very conveniently.

The lumbar support pillows will definitely come in handy when you are traveling long distances in a plane, bus or car. Sitting for such extended period can cause great pressure on your back and sooner or later you will start to feel the pain. Simply by placing the pillow on your lower back will provide your spine with good support. With the back pain eliminated, you can enjoy your trip more pleasantly.

What’s more, you won’t believe the benefits you will gain in terms of your health as it is worth much more than the cost you have paid for your lumbar pillow.

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