Braun Forehead Thermometer Review

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Thermometers play a critical role in clinical diagnosis. However, not all thermometers are similar in design and operation. Clinical thermometers vary in shapes, models, and designs. One such device is forehead thermometer recently launched by Braun, a German based and worldwide leading manufacturer of clinical body temperature monitoring devices.

baby-thermometerPrimarily, it is one of the superior forehead thermometers in the market. This gadget enables parents to take and record the temperature of their children with a lot of ease. Braun forehead thermometer takes the body temperature just above the temporal artery located in the head. Unlike other key arteries, the temporal artery is preferred since it is near to the skin. This allows for a non-invasive and highly accurate temperature recording within a short time.

The thermometer comes with a large back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD) enabling the user to read the temperature in low light and dark areas. Using the thermometer to take the body temperature is easy. Simply power the thermometer on and place it above the child’s eyebrows. Then, press the temperature button. Press the thermometer tightly on the surface of the skin while moving it back and forth of the temple until the recorder beeps. The recorded temperature will then appear on the thermometer screen.

braun forehead thermometer

The movement of the thermometer towards and away from the temple enables the thermometer to pick the temperature of the body at multiple sections of the heads. It then decodes all these readings into a single file relayed as a single output. The output is coded in various colors, which depict either the presence or absence of fever.


  • Large color-coded screen for fever detection
  • Non-invasive convenience
  • Professional accuracy by gentle swiping the forehead
  • Easy to use and measures in just seconds
  • Backlight for readings in dim lighting
  • Safe and hygenic – no probe covers needed

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